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Hey there, welcome to our freelance creative service community platform. We’re Chimoo Pty Ltd trading as Pixecart (ABN 93 610 139 136) of PO Box 858, Albany Creek Queensland, Australia (‘Pixecart’) and welcome to our cookie policy guide.

On our website, we use clear gifs, cookies and other technologies to personalise our content and make it as relevant for you as possible. We personalise ads and content features with cookies and also utilise cookies to monitor our website traffic. As always, we want to be as transparent with our customers as possible, so we have created a guide to explain the cookies and tracking technologies we use throughout our website.

Before we jump into our cookie policy, we will outline exactly what clear gifs, cookies and similar technologies are to ensure we explain everything as clearly as possible.

What is a cookie?

In short, cookies are small files of data that are sent to your mobile device or web browser and are stored in your browser cache. When you visit our website, you will be set with first-party cookies. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are set by another party and are not from our website.

Pixel tracks and clear gifs are similar to cookies, but they are tiny graphics, and each has a unique identifier. Pixel tracks and clear gifs track the movement of an individual between different websites and webpages. As they are roughly the size of a single pixel, they are invisible on webpages.

What are cookies, and similar technologies used for on the Pixecart website?

Strictly Necessary: If a cookie is deemed strictly necessary it is used to help a website complete basic function. Basic functions can range from anything from page navigation to website security. Without strictly necessary cookies, a website cannot function.

Preferences: Preference cookies allow information to be stored that changes the look or behaviour of a website. For example, preference cookies can change the language of a website based on your region.

Statistics: Statistic cookies are used to help analyse and understand how a website user interacts and connects with a website by gathering and reporting information about their website activity.

Marketing: Marketing cookies are used to track browsing activity and to create and display marketing efforts and advertisements that are more relevant to a customer.

How to change and manage your Pixecart cookie preferences and settings

Anyone who visits our website is able to opt-out of third-party cookies, this is explained in more detail here. Alternatively, you can change your browser settings.

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Contact Pixecart today if you have any questions

From time to time, to ensure we are offering the best service possible to our users, we may make changes to our cookie policy guide. When we do so, we will take all necessary steps to ensure we keep our users updated with the changes we have made. The date below will indicate when our cookie policy was last changed.

If you have any questions or queries about our cookie policy, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can contact us here or you can also write to us at PO Box 858 Albany Creek Queensland 4035 Australia.

Pixecart Cookie Policy, updated date 25th May 2023.Chimoo Pty Ltd, trading as Pixecart

Chimoo Pty Ltd, trading as Pixecart