How it works?

Pixecart is a secure, easy to use freelance marketplace for buying and selling creative digital services.

How to hire a freelancer

Let’s explore the process of how you can find the right service, and freelancer for your project. All freelancers and their services have been vetted, so you can rest assured when ordering a service with a freelancer on Pixecart you will receive exactly what you have ordered.

There are three ways to start your project with us

1. Purchase a service

Our freelancers have been hard at work crafting their services for you to explore. Browse their different packages, pricing, portfolios, and reviews to find the right service for your project, budget, and business needs.

2. Find a freelancer to hire

Cannot find a service for your project, but would like to work with a particular freelancer. You can contact them directly by sending them a message to discuss your project requirements and to request a custom offer.

3. Post a job request

Don’t have the time to browse through our services or cannot find what you are looking for, why not ‘Post A Job Request’, Its FREE to post. Fill out the form and submit your project requirements to get quotes from the freelancers.

Note: You need to be a registered buyer to purchase a service, request a custom offer, and to post a job request.

How to manage your project on Pixecart

Order a service that you need

Compare prices, portfolios, delivery time, and reviews to find the best service or freelancer for your project budget and business needs. If you have a specific question related to your project, simply send the freelancer a message via the job messaging portal.

Upload project requirements

Order now placed with freelancer, it’s time to supply your brief and any additional informational the freelancer has requested. Be as detailed as possible, with your brief so the freelancer can deliver the quality of work you are expecting. You only pay if you are 100% satisfaction with the work received.

Collaborate and manage order

Exchange files and feedback easily with the freelancer via the inbuilt messaging and job management portal. The freelancer will complete the job order as per your requirements and deliver the service within the agreed delivery time shown in their job package and or custom offer.

Approve the work and rate service

Once you’re happy with the work received, approve the job. The freelancer will upload the source files via the job portal. Once the files have been delivered and your satisfied, you can mark the order as completed. Leave feedback, and you’re done! We’ll make sure that the freelancer gets paid.

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Frequently asked questions

To open an account on, please click on the ‘Register’ button, and select the user account type, Buyer, or Seller. The sign-up process takes less than a minute to complete if you are a Buyer!

If you’re a Freelancer interested in providing services on, please head over to the ‘Become a Seller’ page for more information.

Yes, Pixecart is free to register for Buyers and Sellers. Buyers can post free requests for quotations and Sellers can post their services for free, however there is a processing fee for both Buyer and Seller when an order is placed.

Note: All Freelancers are required to complete our comprehensive registration process correctly before their applications are assessed and approved. Only approved and experienced sellers can provide services on

You can pay for your service with any of the following payment options.

Credit or Debit Card. This is the preferred payment option on the Pixecart platform. You can make purchases using any major credit/debit card.

You can also pay with PayPal.

Note: You can save your payment information to make the checkout process easier when purchasing future services.

We ask you to go through the checkout immediately to pay for the order, but don’t worry. The funds will not be transferred to the Freelancer until you are 100% satisfied with the work received and have marked the project as ‘Complete’. All our Service Offerings are covered by our Customer Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee.

We have a minimum requirement of 4 years’ industry experience for Freelancers to be considered for selection to provide services on All Freelancers are required to complete our comprehensive registration process correctly before their applications are assessed. Once their application is approved, they can submit their service offering according to our stringent specifications which is part of our vetting process.

You can contact the seller by clicking on either the ‘Contact Me’ or ‘Request Custom Offer’ button and they will get in touch with you regarding your request.

NOTE: To send a message, or ‘Request A Custom Offer’ or to ‘Post a Job Request’ you will need to register as a buyer first. To create an account, please click on the ‘Register’ button and select buyer as the user account.

We prefer the Freelancer and buyer to try to resolve the issue together first. We understand that certain projects don’t work out the way we hope. Should you find yourself in this situation, please contact us by lodging a New Support Ticket with your enquiry asking for assistance, and our client’s service representative will be happy to assist you.

NOTE: If we are unable to come up with a happy resolution with the Freelancer, you will either be given credit or a refunded. If that happens the freelance will not receive any payment for that order. Refer to our terms of service to learn more about our money back guarantee.

Yes, we offer our services to clients around the globe. We accept payments via PayPal and Stripe which allows anyone with a PayPal account or credit/debit card to order a service.

Note: Read our ‘Terms of Service’ policy regarding sanctioned countries or persons.

According to Pixecart’s General Terms of Service, Freelancers are obligated to treat any information received from the client as confidential. For more information, see the confidentiality section in Pixecart’s General Terms of Service. 

The Freelancer has 24 hours to accept your Order before it expires. If the Freelancer does not accept your order in time, you will be refunded.

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Become a seller

Pixecart is an Australian freelance marketplace that provides creative product-related vetted services on demand. We are seeking experienced freelancers who have hands-on skills and industry knowledge in Online, Below and or Above the-Line Advertising & Marketing to provide high quality professional freelance services on demand.

How does it work?

Apply to become a seller

Apply for free by submitting your curriculum vitae and samples of your work for approval. Once your application has been approved you can start uploading your services.

Advertise your services

Post and advertise your services to clients. Get notified when you have received an order and communicate easily with clients via our job management portal.

Deliver great work and earn

Keep clients happy by delivering high quality work and receive fantastic rewards. Get paid on time upon order completion. As your earning grow, so do the perks.

Note: When applying, please make sure you select (Seller) and attach your Curriculum Vitae in English with your Portfolio (Links or PDF), and Social Profiles otherwise we cannot review your application.