Our selection process

All freelancers are required to complete our comprehensive registration process correctly before their applications are assessed. Once their application is approved, they can submit their service offering according to our stringent specifications which is part of our vetting process.

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Freelancers are required to submit a curriculum vitae and samples of their work before they can progress to assessment stage.


We look at each freelancer’s skills, software they use, experience, portfolio, and the services they want to offer before they can progress to the vetting process. Freelancers are not only assessed on their skills, but they are also assessed on.

• Verbal communication.
• Reading, writing, and understanding.
• How written and verbal instructions are followed.
• The response to making changes.
• How well our mandatory job requirements are followed.
• How well our community guidelines are followed.?
• We check for discrepancies with the information provide to us upon registration..


All services uploaded onto the marketplace are vetted and need to pass our 10-point job check before they are approved and published online.

Platform Readiness

All freelancers complete a job management portal test so that they can familiarize themselves on how our inbuilt messaging and job management portal works.

Peace of Mind

We want our community to feel confident when purchasing or selling service with us.

That’s why we have implemented these procedures, to give you that confidence knowing that when you place an order with a freelancer on Pixecart that the service been advertised will be of a standard that you expect to receive, or your money back.

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