pixecart has a blog post is about how pixecart can help your business upscale in your marketing and creative departments.

Scale your business with Pixecart’s creative community platform

Written By: Kate Caston

As a business owner, it may seem you have to do everything yourself. With the help of Pixecart, you don’t have to. Using our innovative collaborative tools, you can seamlessly merge your internal team with our creative, dedicated Freelancers to ensure you achieve your goals.

When your business becomes more visible and gains traction, you will need to upscale to meet customer demand. At Pixecart, we know it’s infeasible to employ a graphic and web design team, or to have a digital marketing team during this early growth stage. Choose us and you can dream as big as you like. Simply decide which professionals you want to assist your company.

Get organised and meet your business goals

Join our platform, and you’ll connect with our highly skilled Freelancers. These include talented artists, graphic and web designers, motion graphic designers, product photographers, copywriters and marketing experts. Partner with us, and you’ll see the tangible value they add to your daily business operations, streamlining organisation and meeting creative benchmarks.

Many options to choose from

While assembling your virtual partnership, you have the ability to explore our experts’ profiles. You can seamlessly browse the services they offer, message your preferred professionals for more details and bookmark your favourite creatives that you wish to work with. This is an extremely convenient way to expand your team, without the expense of hiring full-time employees.

See all activity in a single glance

Once you’ve logged in to your Pixecart account, you can manage all your partners from one convenient location. To save time, you can manage everything from document sharing to communicating with team members, reviewing and approving final drafts and more, all from the one website.

Hire experts for individual jobs

As you upscale your business, your needs become more complex. During this time, you may need services from specific creative professionals. These individual tasks may include jobs like creating a Graphic Design and online marketing campaign and designing and building an eCommerce website.

Do you need a one-off task or series of individual jobs completed without the long-term commitments? If so, look no further than Pixecart. You and your Pixel-pushers will benefit from our easy-to-use online project management and instant messaging features.


The Pixecart team knows how expensive it can be to upscale as your business as it grows. That’s why we only charge a 5.5% platform fee which covers bank fees and a small portion goes to ongoing development and running costs of the platform. Unlike other creative platforms, we charge no monthly subscriptions.

Our convenient, cloud-based website is simply the icing on the cake.

Improve your internal operations with Pixecart.

We know start-up or existing business owners can feel stunted. Eliminate that frustration and simply hire the freelancer you need, exactly when you need them.

Partner with our freelancers for guaranteed project success

To make your next marketing project or campaign a smashing success, hire a professional Pixecart freelancer to create a one-of-a-kind printed, digital and online marketing materials for your business.


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