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Hey there, welcome to our freelance creative service community platform. We’re Chimoo Pty Ltd trading as Pixecart (ABN 93 610 139 136) of PO Box 858, Albany Creek Queensland, Australia (‘Pixecart’) This document explains Pixecart’s Privacy Policy pertaining to the management of your personal information whether you’re a user or visitors to Pixecart, also known as the ‘Site’.

Wherever we refer to the ‘Site’ in this agreement, we refer to the Pixecart platform that can be found at When we use the term ‘Pixecart’, ‘we’ or ‘us’, it reflects our ownership of the brand and the fact that we own and maintain the Pixecart website.

When the term ‘Policy’ is used in this document it refers to this privacy policy. ‘User terms’ in this document is about the rules governing the use of this Site.

This privacy policy guide governs the process through which Pixecart gathers, uses, upkeep’s and shares data collected from users (or a ‘User’) of the (‘Site’). This privacy policy is applicable to the site as well as all products and services provided by Pixecart.

The type of personal information we gather

We gather specific personal information of users of and visitors to the Site.

The types of personal information we mainly gather are: user-names, names of members, email addresses, IP addresses, other relevant contact information, survey data, blogs, photos, payment details, examples, third-party payment service providers, transaction information, tax details, support questions, comments posted on forum pages (where applicable), where content users have given us permission to publish on our Site for example details of items, users’ activities on the Site (include any selections or inputs into items) and web as well as email analytics data. In addition, we gather personal information from job applicants (for example CV, job application form, cover letter and notes on the interview notes).

How we gather personal information

Your personal information is gathered when you share it with us, or automatically when you browse the Site, or from others when you use their services linked to the Site.

  1. Your personal information is gathered when you share it with us to process your membership application and purchase or offer items or services on the Site, register yourself to receive a newsletter or to be put on our emailing list, provide feedback, participate in a contest, complete a survey, or communicate with us.
  2. As a digital content service provider, we have the right to ascertain the identity of contributors. In-depth knowledge of contributors is a step towards minimising fraud, increasing contributors’ accountability as well as empowering Pixecart and its users to take action against contributors breaking the rules. We believe this will enhance the integrity and reliability of Pixecart and its contributors. In addition, Pixecart has to meet specific legal requirements that require us to know our contributors well under certain circumstances. To this end, we will need to ascertain the identity of contributors, specifically, name, complete address, and date of birth. You will need to produce a Photo-ID document for this purpose. You will be required to submit a ‘selfie’ to be verified against your Photo-ID via facial recognition technology. Your Photo-ID will be solely for this purpose and will be deleted once this verification has been completed. Personal information we obtain from other sources.

Personal information we obtain from other sources

Typically, your personal information is usually obtained from you. However, in some instances, some types of personal information will be obtained from others. Specifically, they include:

  1. Details pertaining to financial and/or transactions from payment service providers based in the US, UK and Australia to enable processing of transactions;
  2. Other social and digital media platforms and service providers (example Google, Facebook) based in the US or UK that may share your personal information when you link, connect or login through them. Your personal information that is shared, which may include details of your registration as well as your profile gathered from their services. This happens when you sign-on via our social option. This personal information shared may be different as they are at the discretion of the third-party social and digital media platform or in accordance with a specific privacy setting you have with them.
  3. Other sources, which may include partners in Australia, US or UK that share additional personal information of you (as long as permissible by the relevant laws), for example, demographic information or fraud prevention details, which we will integrate with existing personal information we have of you. This may include fraudulent activities associated with your account. In addition, your personal information is also obtained from your on-line engagements with Pixecart through its partnerships and interaction with affiliated ad networks. Also, your personal information is gathered in your capacity as a rights holder from your interactions with third-party contributors. This may include information pertaining to the use of your image on model releases on items available on our Site.

How your personal information is used

Your personal information will be used in the following way:

  1. To meet contractual obligations or as part of the process associated with a contract, specifically, to enable transactions that occur on the site to be processed, for example, when you make a purchase of an item from our Site.
  2. Where it is within the legal rights and interest of us or third parties. They include:
    1. Running the Site;
    2. Identity verification purposes upon signing-in to our Site;
    3. Ascertaining your identity upon signing-in to our Site;
    4. Attending to queries submitted and helping to resolve disputes;
    5. Announcing changes to our operations or new introductions to the Site as well as offerings, for example, to inform you of technical or maintenance work to the Site, service disruption or changes to security functions and features;
    6. Conducting technical analysis to identify ways to enhance the Site as well as offerings;
    7. Observing activities conducted on the Site, for example, to spot unlawful activities as well as determining adherence to terms of use applicable to the Site;
    8. User relationship management purposes, for example, attending to comments or questions sent to us on the Site or requesting your participation in a survey;
    9. Administering the Site’s legal and operational matters, that may include, content risk management and other fraudulent activities;
    10. Providing training to Pixecart employees with regards to best practices in servicing the needs of users;
    11. Enhancing the quality of products and services offered; and
    12. Comparing your selfie vis-à-vis a Photo ID deploying facial recognition technology to ascertain the authenticity of your personal information shared with us (which may be necessary for us to establish, execute or defend legal claims); and
    13. Evaluating job applications submitted to Pixecart.
  3. Where consent is given to us by you:
    1. Sharing marketing news with regards to products and services that we believe is of interest and relevance to you;
    2. Personalise the website as well as offerings, for example, the ads that are shown on the Site – with the help of cookies or technologies that can perform the same function – to create a better user and more personalised experience for you.
    3. For reasons determined by law.
    4. In compliance to requests from the government, a court of law or law enforcement’s agencies to carry out investigations.

When we share your personal information

Your personal information will be disclosed to the following parties:

  1. Pixecart companies that are based in Australia;
  2. Where relevant, contributors of any items or services that you have been given access to, enable them to support or issue valid user licenses, and may be based in the countries our offerings are marketed and sold;
  3. Other contractors and service providers we engage in relation to how we use personal information (as explained above), specifically: service providers that undertake web hosting websites that are based in Australia, service providers that provide technical and customer support activities that are based in Australia, agencies that help us to recruit that are based in Australia, and analytic service providers that are based in Australia; service providers that provide security and prevention of fraudulent activities that are based in the Australia, US and UK; service providers that provide processing of payments that are based in Australia, US and UK; service providers that verify identities; and service providers that provide tooling services that are based in the Australia, US and UK. Take note that our contractors and service providers may bring across as well as obtain the information from countries they operate in as well;
  4. Professional service providers engaged by Pixecart that are based in Australia, US and UK (for example lawyers, accountants, financial advisers and others required by us);
  5. Regulatory bodies and other government agencies that oversee our compliance processes and legal requirements;
  6. A buyer or potential buyer of Pixecart’s assets or business as well as their appointed professional service providers and advisers involved in the purchase;
  7. An external party in response to a criminal investigation of unlawful activities, suspicions or allegations of unlawful activities;
  8. An external party, to facilitate enforcement or defence of our rights or manage Pixecart’s financial standing or reputation;
  9. An owner of intellectual property in the event of infringement or other unlawful trespasses of intellectual property; and
  10. Disclosure to other parties as requested or required by law, government, the court or law enforcement agencies.

Where your personal information is transferred and/or stored

Your personal information is stored in secure servers operated by us and our appointed service providers, with physical copies occasionally stored on secure locations and premises in Australia. The security and access to personal information stored by us are ensured with controls that include username, authentication of, passwords, two-factor password verification and data encryption, where relevant.

How your personal information is kept safe and secure

Your personal information can be accessed by logging into your account. In addition, you can ask to access other personal information we have about you as well as ask for rectifications to be made in the event of errors in your personal information. You can shut down your account with us as and when you wish to. To obtain or request for rectification to your personal information, get in touch with Pixecart privacy champion listed at the end of this document.

How you can obtain your personal information

Your personal information can be accessed by logging into your account. In addition, you can ask for other personal information we have about you and ask for rectifications to be made in the event of errors. You can shut down your account as and when you wish to. To obtain and request for rectification to your personal information, get in touch with Pixecart privacy champion listed in the final page of this document.

Making marketing selections concerning your personal information

When you have given us permission to act accordingly in this regard (for example, by putting yourself on Pixecart’s emailing list or recorded your interest in being kept informed of our offers or other news from us) we will share the marketing information we feel may be of interest and relevance to you via email. Do note you can remove yourself from the list by choosing to unsubscribe so that you will no longer receive this correspondence. This option can be found in the email communication sent to you.

You have choices with regards to cookies. They can be found below. Selecting the relevant browser preferences will enable you to accept or refuse all cookies as well as be informed when a cookie has been set in place. However, do note in the event you refuse cookies, our Site may not function fully in the way it should.

Cookies (not the edible ones!) and web analytics

To learn more about cookie technology, web beacons and similar technologies which are used by us, read our cookie policy here and for broader details on cookies, you can see them here

When you are on our Site, some general information that does not disclose your identity is recorded. When you log into your account, parts of the information obtained may be with regards to your account. They include details like:

1. your IP or proxy server IP address;
2. the requested domain name;
3. your internet service provider may be recorded depending on how your ISP connection was configured;
4. the date and time you were on the website;
5. how long your session was;
6. the pages you visited;
7. the monthly frequency of your visit to our site;
8. the URL file you viewed and information pertaining to it;
9. the website that brought you to our Site;
10. your computer’s operating system;
11. your web browser’s technical capabilities,
12. from time to time, we will engage other advertising companies to show you ads that are configured based on your previous visits to our Site. For example, based on the products and services you saw on our site, you may see them again if you visit a different site. Learn more about your cookie options in our cookie policy.

Policy concerning children

The contents of our site are inappropriate for anyone below the age of 16 years. If you are below this age, we request you don’t use our site or share any of your personal information (if you are a tech wiz in this age group, please request an adult closest to you to use the site on your behalf). However, if your age falls between 16-18 years, you are welcomed to visit the Site. To register yourself as a user, you must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Your parents or guardian will be responsible for your use of the Site.

Information you disclose or provide to others

We cannot control or be held responsible for the way other parties use or administer your personal information in the event you disclose or share it with them. There are many ways through which you will end up sharing your personal information with others, for example, when you participate in public forum discussions, disclose information on social media or interact with others through our Site (example other contributors) or emails. Prior to sharing your information, we strongly urge you to think it through carefully. When you share your personal information with others on our Site, ask how your personal information will be managed. However, if you are sharing it through another website, take the time to understand their privacy policy as this privacy policy may not be applicable.

Length of time we keep your personal information

Your personal information will be kept for as long as necessary for us to provide our services to you and meet our legal obligations. However, if you do not wish for your personal information to be used by us or use any of Pixecart’s services, you can ask for your personal information to be deleted and to terminate your account with us. Take note your deleted personal information would still be kept for the following purposes: legal compliance, fraud prevention, fee collection, dispute resolution, troubleshooting, assisting investigations or requests by government, a court of law or law enforcement agencies, to administer the terms of service and implement actions legally permissible. We will manage the retained information as stipulated in the Privacy Policy.

From time to time, this policy will be amended to ensure it complies with existing legal requirements and changes to the management practices pertaining to our privacy policy. Rest assured we will notify you of any change when they are made.

How you can get in touch with us

Should you have any questions pertaining to our privacy practices or the management of your personal information, you can get in touch with our privacy champion in writing and address it to PO Box 858 Albany Creek 4035 Queensland or you can contact us here.

We are extremely happy you have read this privacy policy to the end. It is important you understand it as it explains how your personal information is used and managed

If you reside in or are visiting the European Economic Area these rules are equally applicable to you:

In compliance with relevant EU data protection law, including General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the ‘GDPR’), we are a data controller of your personal data.

How you can obtain your personal information

You have the right to request for your personal information to be transferred (that is, to be transferred in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format, to you), to have it removed or limit its processing. In addition, you have the right to refuse some parts of the processing that is based on our rightful interests, for example, profiling that we execute to undertake direct marketing activities and where permission has been granted by you to us to process your information, to retract the permission which is comprehensively explained below.

These rights are applicable to certain situations only – for example when we are able to prove we have the legal rights to process your personal information. In some cases, it means we may keep some of the information although your consent has been retracted.

It is considered mandatory to release your personal information when it is required to adhere to legal or contractual requirements. In the event the data is not given, we will not be in the position to fulfil the contractual obligations we have with you, or fulfil obligations imposed on us. Outside of this context, sharing your personal data that has been requested for is not mandatory.

In the event your concerns stay unresolved, it is within your legal rights to lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection agencies. These agencies have the authority within: (i) your country of residence; (ii) where you work or (iii) where the purported infringement took place. In this Privacy Policy, personal information, and personal data share similar meanings.

We ask that you please attempt to resolve any issues with us first, although you have a right to contact your supervisory authority at any time.

Contact Pixecart today if you have any questions

From time to time, to ensure we are offering the best service possible to our users, we may make changes to our privacy policy guide. When we do so, we will take all necessary steps to ensure we keep our users updated with the changes we have made. The date below will indicate when our privacy policy was last changed.

If you have any questions or queries about our privacy policy, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can contact us here or you can also write to us at PO Box 858 Albany Creek Queensland 4035 Australia.

Pixecart Privacy Policy, updated date 25th May 2023.

Chimoo Pty Ltd, trading as Pixecart