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Creative Design Trends 2021

Written By: Joshua Kritzinger

Artistic Trends

Explore the top design trends of 2021. Unrestricted surreal portraits, stunning Inkscapes, and unique tie dye concepts, all conveying the imperfect creativity within digital art.

Surreal Faces

An unrestrained avant-garde artistic method that has withheld the test of time, Surreal Faces has inspired Picasso-esque designs that transform human faces into a cluster of abstract geometric shapes, bound within a canvas. This trend elevates the unconscious mind, dreamlike qualities with symbolic meanings to create energized and eccentric artworks that are inherently human.

  • Face Line Art
  • Face Paintings
  • Contemporary Portrait


Seduces and intrigues with its swirls of cosmos-like colorations and beautiful metallic qualities. The marbling methodology at work creates a kinetic art which has both qualities of chaos and admirable imperfection.

  • Alcohol Ink
  • Fluid Art
  • Kintsugi
  • Liquid Marble

Tie Dye

Has definitely entered the digital design art space, bringing forth its nostalgic and recognizable 70’s groovy flair. This creative trend offers hundreds of dyeing techniques and methods which accommodate your unique taste and artistic desire.

  • Pastel Tie Dye
  • Tie Dye
  • Shibori Pattern
  • Pastel Swirl

Photography Trends

Today’s photographers have increased their focus on what’s very likely the most intriguing topic of all, reality. Gone are the ways of staged photography and behold the raw and gorgeous ideas of capturing real life, wherever, however, and whoever.

Identity Unfiltered

With billions of people representing a diverse population, authentic portraiture is helping us dive deeper into the beauty of individuality, exposing the hidden jewels who quietly commute the spectrum of life.

  • Non-Binary
  • Candid Portraits
  • Authentic People

Inner Life

With the constant chaos of the outer world constantly beckoning the individual self, one takes refuge from the ever-turning machine and looks inward. Lifestyle photography captures the enjoyable moments of self-care, hobbies, and play, reminding us of the equilibrium at work.

  • Self-Care
  • Home Hobbies
  • The Arts

Footage Trends

Extraordinary footage can convince, convey, and display powerful motion imagery. Two alternate pathways expose themselves as Videographers delicately choose between the creation of infinite and playful fantasy, or to capture the power of the natural.

Eccentric Animation

As visual creative softwares excel and evolve, so do our beloved Videographers. A rise in playful animation searches means our content creators are pioneering the digital video creation world by developing new approaches and ways in which they can express themselves creatively.

  • Whimsical Animation
  • Liquid Abstract

The Sublime

The evidence has indicated that clips of nature displaying itself in a powerful and naked state has been gaining popularity. Scenes of blanketed mountains, gloomy beaches and daunting cliffs transport the viewers, and serve as a constant reminder of the whimsical world around us.

  • Mountain and Cliff Aerials
  • Stormy Beaches and Dunes

Music Trends

Well, thought out thought-out music is an essential condiment that complements a creative project and is climbing the creative ranks.


Appropriate string pieces can elevate a creative piece. Recent tracks have indicated an increased use of string instruments, inducing a trend in the direction of music that moves. A mixture of classic and modern, these rosy tracks lift spirits and moods alike.

  • Mosaic by Kevin Maison
  • Sentimental Moment by Artlss
  • Beyond the Star by LATG Music.

Uplifting and Playful

Again the ‘confident’ music genre wins this time round, however it is apparent there are some changes in the leader board “it was apparent there were some changes in the leader board.  Motion towards such sounds as brisk BPM, plucky instruments and crescendos is evident.

  • All Summer Long by Black Rhomb
  • Swing Me the Grove by Pavlo Butorin
  • Happy Colors by LATG Music

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